JC Viens
Ep. 24 Monty Waldin interviews JC Viens, VIA Ambassador and editor of Spirito diVino Asia
Maggio 16, 2017
Steven Spurrier
Ep. 26 Monty Waldin interviews legendary wine expert Steven Spurrier
Maggio 23, 2017
Valentina Argiolas

Valentina Argiolas (Argiolas Winery)

This Italian Wine Podcast journey today takes us to the beautiful island of Sardinia with Argiolas winery. Monty Waldin chats to Valentina Argiolas who helps listeners discover Sardinian grape varieties and the typical wine and food culture of the island. Sardinia is also the region which boasts the greatest number of centenarians alive. Sip some excellent Sardinian wine with Monty to learn how to drink from the fountain of youth!

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