Alessandro François (Castello di Querceto Winery) with Monty Waldin
Ep. 34 Monty Waldin interviews Alessandro François (Castello di Querceto)
20 Giugno, 2017
Kevin Gagnon
Ep. 36 Monty Waldin interviews VIA Candidate Kevin Gagnon
26 Giugno, 2017
Gill Gordon-Smith

Gill Gordon-Smith

In this episode, Monty Waldin talks to Gill Gordon-Smith “head girl at FFG Fall From Grace Wine Education and Tasting” in Australia and Vinitaly International Academy student. Gill tells Monty about the beautiful coastal region of McClaren Vale in South Australia, where a wide range of Italian grape varieties are cultivated. For example, they grow Nero D’Avola, Carignano, Montepulciano and Arneis. Italian grape varieties according to Gill, seem to respond very well to climate change in Australia. Tune in to discover a thriving wine-producing region and a piece of Italy down under!

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