Kevin Gagnon
Ep. 36 Monty Waldin interviews VIA Candidate Kevin Gagnon
26 Giugno, 2017
Carlo Franchetti (Vini Franchetti) with Monty Waldin
Ep. 38 Monty Waldin interviews Carlo Franchetti of Vini Franchetti
28 Giugno, 2017
Marilisa Allegrini Headshot

Marilisa Allegrini

talian Wine Podcast travels back to Veneto to meet the Queen of Amarone, Marilisa Allegrini. Monty discusses the grape varieties of the Veneto region such as Corvina and the Allegrini family estates in Veneto and Tuscany. Marilisa also talks about her upbringing and future prospects for women working the wine business. Tune in to Italian Wine Podcast for another compelling story about Italy’s wine excellence.

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