Laura Bianchi
Ep. 46 Monty Waldin interviews Laura Bianchi (Castello di Monsanto)
Luglio 25, 2017
Michael Schmelzer (Monte Bernardi Winery)
Ep. 48 Monty Waldin interviews Michael Schmelzer (Monte Bernardi Winery)
Agosto 1, 2017
John Baum (The Winemakers Club, London)

John Baum (The Winemakers Club, London)

In this episode Monty Waldin meets John Baum, Director of the Winemakers Club in London. John tells Monty about his career in the world of Italian wine and his fondness for the Italian regional wines of Calabria and Basilicata. Monty and John also discuss winemaking trends in popular wine regions such as Chianti.

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