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Ep. 57 Monty Waldin interviews Roberto Mazzoni (Piantate Lunghe Winery)
20 Settembre, 2017
Alessandro Fenino, Pievalta Winery
Ep. 58 Monty Waldin interviews Alessandro Fenino (Pievalta Winery)
26 Settembre, 2017
Monty Waldin, Italian Wine Podcast host

Monty Waldin, Italian Wine Podcast host

In this episode Monty Waldin meets Marco Moroder, manager of the Moroder Winery, in the beautiful region of Marche. Marco talks about his motocross expeditions in his vineyards and discusses Marche’s wines such as Rosso Conero. Marco tells Monty about his winery’s commitment to organic and low-impact farming and presents some interesting wine and food pairings: the Montepulciano-based red wines in Marche pair well with stockfish-based dishes and “moscioli” spaghetti – moscioli are wild and D.O.P. mussels to be found along the Marche coast. Will Monty join in for a motocross ride in the vineyard with Marco? Tune in to find out!

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