Steve Raye, Bevology Inc
Ep. 88 Monty Waldin interviews Steve Ray (Bevology INC)
Marzo 13, 2018
Robert Joseph
Ep. 90 Monty Waldin interviews Robert Joseph (Wine Writer & Consultant)
Marzo 20, 2018
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In this episode Monty Waldin meets Denise Marrone at the Agricola Gian Piero Marrone in La Morra in the Langhe wine region in Piemonte. Denise together with Serena and Valentina are the three Marrone sisters who work in the family winery. Denise tells Monty all about her family history and her father Gian Piero’s pioneering work in the vineyard. She also talks about their signature Barolos, Barolo Bussia and Barolo Pichemej. Denise and Monty also discuss climate change and native grape varieties such as Favorita, Arneis, and Moscato.

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