Logan Lee, Wine Awesomeness
Ep. 98 Monty Waldin interviews Logan Lee (Wine Awesomeness)
17 Aprile, 2018
Sarah Abbott MW, Swirl Wine Group
Ep. 100 Monty Waldin interviews Sarah Abbott MW (Swirl Wine Group)
24 Aprile, 2018
Alessandro Medici (Medici Ermete Winery)

Alessandro Medici (Medici Ermete Winery)

In this podcast Monty Waldin meets Alessandro Medici, the youngest generation of the Medici at the Medici Ermete winery in Emilia-Romagna. Alessandro talks about how the perception and consumption of Lambrusco has changed worldwide, from its popularity in the 1970s when James Bond would ask for a glass of Lambrusco instead of Champagne, to a kind of downgrading as “cheap” wine in more recent years. Alessandro tells the story of his family along with their contribution to a Lambrusco renaissance and a commitment to make sophisticated and refined Lambrusco wines. Tune in also to discover food pairings with Lambrusco and Medici’s organic viticulture in one of their vineyards!

Source by Italian Wine Podcast