Carole Bouquet and Monty Waldin
Ep. 119 Monty Waldin interviews Carole Bouquet (Sangue d’Oro Winery)
Giugno 27, 2018
Antonio Capaldo (Feudi San Gregorio)
Ep. 121 Monty Waldin interviews Antonio Capaldo (Feudi San Gregorio)
Luglio 4, 2018
Matteo Basili, Benedetti & Grigi Winery, Umbria

Matteo Basili, Benedetti & Grigi Winery, Umbria

In this episode Monty Waldin meets Matteo Basili, winemaker at Benedetti & Grigi Winery in Montefalco, Umbria. Matteo tells Monty about his previous experience as a winemaker in Australia and his current work for Benedetti & Grigi with Sagrantino grapes in Umbria. Monty and Matteo go deep into the work done in vineyard and in the cellar to make Sagrantino wines. They also discuss the potential of Sagrantino grapes to be cultivated in Australia. Tune in for a close-up on Sagrantino winemaking practices!