Paolo Montioni, Montioni Winery, Umbria
Ep. 126 Monty Waldin interviews Paolo Montioni (Montioni Winery)
Luglio 24, 2018
Peter Heilbron, Tenuta Bellafonte, Umbria
Ep. 128 Monty Waldin interviews Peter Heilbron (Tenuta Bellafonte)
Luglio 31, 2018
Marco Massarotto (La Via del Sake)

Marco Massarotto (La Via del Sake)

In this episode of Italian Wine Podcast, we make a little exception in our topic selection and talk about the Italian connections with Japanese iconic drink sake, made with fermented rice! Monty Waldin meets “Sake Samurai” Marco Massarotto, founder of the association La Via del Sake. Marco tells Monty about his discovery of sake and about the sake scene and consumption in Italy. Marco also explores the similarities between wine and sake, both fermented drinks. Tune in to learn more about sake drinking etiquette and how sake was judged at the international wine tasting 5StarWines 2018!

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