Peter Heilbron, Tenuta Bellafonte, Umbria
Ep. 128 Monty Waldin interviews Peter Heilbron (Tenuta Bellafonte)
Luglio 31, 2018
Valentino Valentini, Bocale Winery, Umbria
Ep. 130 Monty Waldin interviews Valentino Valentini (Bocale Winery)
Agosto 28, 2018
Debora Bosoni (Cantine LVNAE) with Monty Waldin

Debora Bosoni (Cantine LVNAE) with Monty Waldin

In this episode Monty Waldin meets Debora Bosoni at the family-owned Cantina Lunae Bosoni in Liguria. Debora explains that the area of Lunae takes its name from an ancient Roman site of Luni, that was also renowned for its wines. Debora and Monty talk about local indigenous grapes such as Vermentino and Albarola and the complexity of the Ligurian terroir between the Alps and the sea. Tune in to discover another incredible and underrated wine region in Italy!