Gelasio Gaetani D'Aragona & Monty Waldin
Ep. 131 Monty Waldin interviews Gelasio Gaetani d’Aragona
Agosto 29, 2018
Maria Stella Carletti, Poliziano Winery
Ep. 133 Monty Waldin interviews Maria Stella Carletti (Poliziano Winery)
Settembre 4, 2018
Devis Romanelli, Romanelli Winery, Umbria

Devis Romanelli, Romanelli Winery, Umbria

In this episode Monty Waldin meets Devis Romanelli, owner and winemaker at the Romanelli winery in Umbria. Romanelli produces wine but also olive oil. Monty and Devis talk about harvesting Sagrantino grapes, the winery’s production of Grechetto and Trebbiano Spoletino and their cru wines. Tune in for a deep dive into Sagrantino terroir and viticulture in Umbria!