Ep. 178 Monty Waldin interviews Mark Cuff (The Living Vine)
26 Febbraio, 2019
Ep. 180 Monty Waldin interviews Andrea Sartori (Casa Vinicola Sartori)
5 Marzo, 2019

In this episode Monty Waldin meets Giovanni Mazzoni, manager at Podere Forte in the Orcia valley in Tuscany. Giovanni tells Monty about the origin of the estate, a 200-year-old “podere” that Pasquale Forte acquired in 1998 and developed as a biodynamic estate. Mazzoni talks about the biodiverse flora and fauna on the estate, its wheat production, Chianina cows, Cinta Senese pigs, and bees (among others!) which all contribute to a healthy vineyard ecosystem. Podere Forte produces Sangiovese-based wines, Petrucci, Petruccino, and Guardiavigna and its main market is Italy. Monty and Giovanni also go deep into technology for viticulture, such as the use of drones!