Ep. 191 Monty Waldin interviews Erik Klein (Wine Export Consultant)
10 Aprile, 2019
Niklas Bergqvist (Sommelier at Vinkallaren Grappe)
Ep. 193 Monty Waldin interviews Niklas Bergqvist (Sommelier at Vinkallaren Grappe)
17 Aprile, 2019
Sarah Heller MW

Sarah Heller MW

In this podcast Monty Waldin interviews Sarah Heller Master of Wine and Vinitaly International Academy (VIA) Faculty Member on the approach to tasting Italian wine devised by the Academy. Sarah talks about the reformatted, tasting-intensive VIA Italian Wine Ambassador course and the new VIA Tasting Schematic, VIA’s standardised tasting grid with descriptors which are specific to Italian wines. The new VIA schematic forms the basis of both tasting sessions during the course and the blind tasting section of the exam. In the interview, Sarah goes through each descriptor and explains its relevance to Italian wines. If you are planning to take the next VIA Italian Wine Ambassador course, you cannot miss this podcast!

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