Celebrity Winemakers

This series features podcast interviews to "Celebrity Winemakers," several internationally-renowned personalities that have turned to wine and wine making out of a heartfelt passion for Italy.

Set 26, 2018

Ep. 139 Monty Waldin interviews Joe Bastianich (Bastianich Winery)

In this episode, Monty Waldin interviews wine producer, restaurateur, MasterChef TV star, and musician Joe Bastianich. Tune in for a fantastic interview where Bastianich talks openly […]
Giu 27, 2018
Carole Bouquet and Monty Waldin

Ep. 119 Monty Waldin interviews Carole Bouquet (Sangue d’Oro Winery)

In this episode Monty Waldin meets world-famous actress Carole Bouquet who has been making Passito di Pantelleria on the Pantelleria islands for over a decade. Carole […]
Apr 13, 2017
Renzo Rosso

Ep. 14 Monty Waldin interviews Renzo Rosso of Diesel Farm

Fashion entrepreneur Renzo Rosso, generally known for being the “denim genius” who founded Diesel Jeans and a number of global fashion and lifestyle brands, is also […]

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