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Ep. 2 Monty Waldin interviews Francesco Marone Cinzano of Col d’Orcia Winery in Montalcino
April 7, 2017
Renzo Rosso
Ep. 14 Monty Waldin interviews Renzo Rosso of Diesel Farm
April 13, 2017
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In Italian Wine Podcast, wine writer Monty Waldin explores family histories, wine-making traditions, and personal stories of renowned producers of Italian wine. In the first episode, Elisabetta Gnudi Angelini — owner of the Altesino, Borgo Scopeto, Caparzo, Doga della Clavole wineries — tells Monty about her commitment to sustainability and energy-efficient production, and of her love for tortellini.
Host: Monty Waldin

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