Ep. 11 Monty Waldin interviews Lamberto Frescobaldi of the Frescobaldi Wineries in Tuscany


In this podcast, Monty Waldin interviews Lamberto Frescobaldi, whose family wine-making tradition in the Frescobaldi Wineries dates back to the fourteenth century. “All Number one wines in the world are able to capture the spirit of the soil, of the place, of the people and put them in a glass” explains Lamberto. He talks to Monty about his childhood growing up in the Nipozzano estate in contact with nature and about his recent project of setting up a vineyard on the prison island of Gorgona. On the island, prisoners work with enologists and agronomists of the Frescobaldi estates to produce wine and to learn new skills, with the aim of facilitating their reintegration into society at the end of their detention.
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