Ep. 65 Monty Waldin interviews Paolo Galassi (Terre Cevico )


Episode 65 opens a series of interviews dedicated to wine coops in Italy. In this episode, Monty Waldin meets Paolo Galassi, CEO of Terre Cevico, the Cevico Group Consortium that includes “cooperative companies that have been active in wine-growing for over 60 years.” Monty and Paolo discuss the richness of Emilia Romagna in food and wine. They talks about Romagna’s native grape varieties such as Sangiovese and Trebbiano and the numerous projects the coops are undertaking in another beautiful Italian region. [This podcast has been recorded during Vi.Vite an event organized by the Alleanza delle Cooperative Italiane (Alliance of Italian Coops). This episode has been brought to you by Vinitaly 2018, taking place in Verona from April 15th to 18th. Vinitaly is the wine exhibition that helps you discover and get to know Italian wine and features over 4.200 wineries.]


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