Paolo Galassi (Terre Cevico)
Ep. 65 Monty Waldin interviews Paolo Galassi (Terre Cevico )
December 15, 2017
Marco Stenico, Terre d'Oltrepo
Ep. 67 Monty Waldin interviews Marco Stenico (Terre d’Oltrepò)
December 20, 2017
Wolfgang Raifer, Cantina di Soave

Wolfgang Raifer, Cantina di Soave

In episode 66 Monty Waldin meets Wolfgang Raifer, who is the Vice Director for Cantina di Soave, one of the biggest coops in Italy and also one of the oldest denominations. Wolfgang, who is also an oenologist by training, talks about the difference of the Garganega grape that grows on different kinds of soils and about the human factor in supporting growers of the coop. Monty and Wolfgang further discuss the pergola system, the typical flavors in Soave wines, sustainability and some of Cantina di Soave’s top brands. — [This podcast has been recorded during “Vi.Vite – Vino di Vite Cooperative” an event organized by the Alleanza delle Cooperative Italiane (Alliance of Italian Coops). This episode has been brought to you by Vinitaly 2018, taking place in Verona from April 15th to 18th. Vinitaly is the wine exhibition that helps you discover and get to know Italian wine and features over 4.200 wineries.]

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