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Ep. 97 Monty Waldin interviews Leonardo Bellaccini (San Felice)
Aprile 11, 2018
Alessandro Medici (Medici Ermete Winery)
Ep. 99 Monty Waldin interviews Alessandro Medici (Medici Ermete Winery)
Aprile 18, 2018
Logan Lee, Wine Awesomeness

Logan Lee, Wine Awesomeness

Is wine snobby? Created by Logan Lee, Wine Awesomeness brings wine to millennials in an alternative and catchy way. Tune in to Episode 98 of the Italian Wine Podcast and listen to Monty Waldin chatting to Logan on how to create a digital and fun way to discover the world of wine (with no snobbery!). Join us for our weekly episode of the Let’s Talk Wine Biz – #wine2wine series.

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