Alessandro Meniconi, Perticaia, Umbria
Ep. 112 Monty Waldin interviews Alessandro Meniconi (Perticaia)
Giugno 5, 2018
Angelo Fongoli, Fongoli winery, Umbria
Ep. 114 Monty Waldin interviews Angelo Fongoli (Fongoli Winery)
Giugno 12, 2018
CorVino, Andrea Albagli

CorVino, Andrea Albagli

In the first episode of a three-part series dedicated to wine influencers, Monty Waldin meets Andrea Albagli (@cor_vino). Andrea tells Monty about his engineering work and his passion for wine and for telling stories on Instagram. Join Andrea and Monty also for an interesting perspective on digital marketing and on the role of wine influencers.

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