Filippo Antonelli, Antonelli San Marco Winery, Umbria
Ep. 116 Monty Waldin interviews Filippo Antonelli (Antonelli San Marco Winery)
June 19, 2018
Liu Pambuffetti, Scacciadiavoli Winery, Umbria
Ep. 118 Monty Waldin interviews Liu Pambuffetti (Scacciadiavoli Winery)
June 26, 2018
Monty Waldin with Stefano Quaglierini @italianwines

Monty Waldin with Stefano Quaglierini @italianwines

In the last episode of our Italian wine influencer series, Monty Waldin meets Stefano Quaglierini, the mastermind behind the successful Instagram account @italian_wines. Stefano tells Monty about his study in oenology and his social media strategy on his various digital projects which combine Italian wine, Italian food and beautiful Italian landscapes.