Ep. 139 Monty Waldin interviews Joe Bastianich (Bastianich Winery)


In this episode, Monty Waldin interviews wine producer, restaurateur, MasterChef TV star, and musician Joe Bastianich. Tune in for a fantastic interview where Bastianich talks openly about his Italian origins and his relationship with Italian culture. Joe tells Monty that his parents came to America from the contested North-Eastern territory of Istria (former Italian territory and now Croatian) and set up an innovative and successful restaurant business in New York City. After talking about his upbringing in New York, Joe unveils his passions for rock music, good food and good wine—the latter culminating in starting the family winery in 1997 in the Colli Orientali area of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Joe tells Monty about his non-interventionist wine-making philosophy, marketing wine to millennials, and wine and food pairings. Enjoy Monty Waldin’s exclusive conversation with Italian wine and food celebrity Joe Bastianich!


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