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Aprile 2, 2019
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Aprile 9, 2019
Cantina Arvisionadu

Cantina Arvisionadu

In this podcast about Sardinia, Monty Waldin meets Renzo Erasmi, agronomist at Cantina Arvisionadu, a winery located in the center of Sardinia. Arvisionadu is also the name of the indigenous grape variety which the Cantina cultivated and which makes their award-winning wine. Monty and Renzo talk about the difficulties in growing the Arvisionadu grape. Renzo also described the sensorial profile of the wine and explains the meaning of the word Arvisionadu. Tune in to learn more also about Cantina Arvisionadu’s signature red wine, a blend of Cannonau, Sangiovese, Shiraz, and Cagnulari.

Source by Italian Wine Podcast