Ep. 263 Annette Scarfe MW (Wine Consultant) on the MW Journey and the Singapore Wine Market
Gennaio 28, 2020
Ep. 264 –ITALIAN– Attilio Scienza (VIA Chief Scientist) sul Vermentino
Gennaio 29, 2020

Italian Wine Podcast favorite (and Vinitaly International Academy Chief Scientist) Attilio Scienza returns to go another round with Monty Waldin. This time the two discuss Vermentino—its origins, etymology, preferred climate, soil, and importance in Italian viticulture and oenology. Monty grills Professor Scienza in near perfect Italian with an ever-so-slight Tuscan lilt. The professor is up for the challenge and offers insight into this grape variety that will surely interest wine scholars such as VIA candidates. As in previous iterations we offer both the original, Italian version as well as the English language recording, read by future voice of the BBC and WSET Programme Provider, Rebecca Lawrence. Though we’ll dig deep and may mention terms such as “flysch,” attentive listeners will also catch food pairing suggestions.

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