Ep. 265 Sonal Holland MW (Sonal Holland Wine Academy) on the Indian Wine Market for Italian Wine
February 4, 2020
Ep. 267 Joe Fattorini (The Wine Show) on Wine on TV and the UK Wine Market
February 11, 2020

Esteemed guest Lamberto Frescobaldi returns to the Italian Wine Podcast to further discuss Frescobaldi wines and associated social projects. Since 2012 Lamberto has been involved with a small vineyard on Gorgona Island, home to a prison, just off the coast of Tuscany. Here, select residents practice the cultivation of wine grapes, learn work ethic and skills, and earn money to ease their transition back into society. According to Lamberto, those that find success in the program develop a sense of self-worth and do not commit new offenses once free. Host Monty Waldin tries to imagine how one could commit a crime in a moment of blindness and live with the consequences for years afterward. Listen in to find out why Frescobaldi doesn’t seek reviews from wine critics and why the social side of the company isn’t a simple publicity stunt but an earnest investment in community and high-quality wine. We even manage to touch on grape varieties, wine composition, and organoleptic qualities.