Ep. 272 –ENGLISH– Attilio Scienza (VIA Chief Scientist) on Malvasie Part 2


Professor Attilio Scienza returns to the Italian Wine Podcast to share knowledge of Mavisias in a discussion with Monty Waldin that will surely interest scholars of Italian grape varieties. In part 2 the Professor shares the story of a real-life mystery surrounding Leonardo da Vinci’s ancient vineyard in Milan as well as a fictitious crime story involving the Professor himself as told by Giovanni Negri in his novel, Il Vigneto da Vinci (rest assured: spoilers have been removed). As always, discussions with Professor Scienza are recorded first in Italian then re-recorded in English with Rebecca Lawrence playing the English language voice of Attilio Scienza. Both Italian and English transcripts are made available to assist studious listeners. This is the English Language version of IWP Episode 272.