Ep. 271 –ENGLISH– Attilio Scienza (VIA Chief Scientist) on Malvasie Part 1
Febbraio 25, 2020
Ep. 272 –ENGLISH– Attilio Scienza (VIA Chief Scientist) on Malvasie Part 2
Febbraio 26, 2020

Professor Attilio Scienza returns to the Italian Wine Podcast to share knowledge of Mavisias in a discussion with Monty Waldin that will surely interest scholars of Italian grape varieties. In part 1 the Professor gets into the various types of Malvasia and tries to clear up uncertainties surrounding the grape’s many names. Monty and Professor Scienza attempt to place the proliferation of the variety within a historical context and set out to explore its relationships with other varieties. As always, discussions with Professor Scienza are recorded first in Italian then re-recorded in English with Rebecca Lawrence playing the English language voice of Attilio Scienza. Both Italian and English transcripts are made available to assist studious listeners. This is the original recording in Italian.

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