Ep. 376 Monty Waldin on Biodynamic Wine | Epilogue

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August 18, 2020
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Ep. 376 Monty Waldin on Biodynamic Wine | Epilogue

Consulting on organics at Caliboro winery, Maule Valley, Chile (horse manure used for vineyard compost)

Italian Wine Podcast Episode 376: Alas, Monty Waldin’s book, “Biodynamic Wine,” draws to a close.

Monty leaves us with some parting thoughts on where to continue one’s biodynamic agriculture eduction and what it’s all about for the wine world: tasting biodynamic wines.

Can the position of the moon in the sky affect the taste of the wine in the glass? Maybe. But good company and food may actually be more important…

This concludes the reading of Monty’s book, “Biodynamic Wine.” Remember, the book itself contains more in-depth information and is available from Monty’s publisher, Infinite Ideas (infideas.com).

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