Ep. 416 Vladislav Markin
October 14, 2020
Ep. 418 #everybodyneedsabitofscienza | Hayley Black Question
October 16, 2020

Italian Wine Podcast Episode 417: “Sangiovese, Lambrusco and Other Vine Stories” (La Stirpe del Vino) continues with Narrator Joy Livingston.

Attilio Scienza and Serena Imazio paint a picture of medieval events that led to the rise of Ribolla Gialla as a cultivated grape variety.

Travel back in time to Venice of the fourteenth century and discover the vine’s history.

This is the English language version of the original Italian book, “La Stirpe del Vino,” written by Attilio Scienza and Serena Imazio.

Get to know the vines that produce the grapes used to make the wine you love, like you’ve never seen them before.

“Sangiovese, Lambrusco and Other Vine Stories” is available from Amazon (Kindle format) and positivepress.net (paperback).