IWP 446 Jonas Tofterup MW

IWP 445 Thomas Curtius MW
November 24, 2020
Ep. 447 Sangiovese Lambrusco… | Phylloxera Part 1
November 26, 2020

IWP 446 Jonas Tofterup MW

Italian Wine Podcast Episode 446: Monty Waldin rings “El Guiri,” Jonas Tofterup MW.

Jonas enjoys using his Danish heritage to have fun with his WSET students at the Iberian Wine Academy in Malaga, Spain.

Jonas grew up in Andalucía, Spain, though he’s studied in Denmark and been plugged into the Danish wine trade.

While he’s involved in education and the commercial side of the wine industry, Jonas will likely always have a hand in winemaking in some way, shape, or form.

Visit: https://iberianwineacademy.com/