Ep. 451 wine2wine Session Recordings | Beyond Podcasting

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December 1, 2020
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December 3, 2020

Ep. 451 wine2wine Session Recordings | Beyond Podcasting

Italian Wine Podcast Episode 451: three podcast geeks meet to unveil the secrets of audio format!

Here to another session held on wine2wine Business Forum 2020! Super fresh out of the wine world, woot woot!

Veteren podcasters Monty Waldin (The Italian Wine Podcast) and Lawrence Francis (Interpreting Wine) are joined by fellow wine writer and audio enthusiast Paul Caputo to discuss the future of audio in an increasingly digital wine industry.

They discuss whether, aside from podcasts (doesn’t everyone have a wine podcast these days?), audio might be a format that can be utilised by producers, journalists, wine professionals and consumers to enhance and advance the wine industry in a world that is increasingly having to adapt to use digital strategies of engagement. Wine has always been associated with what we taste and smell, can it be what we hear as well?