Ep. 493 wine2wine 2020 Recording Session | Scienza Seminar Part 2 (ENG)


Italian Wine Podcast Episode 493: Scienza Seminar Part 2 (ENG)
Audio from the wine2wine 2020 session featuring

Whatsuppppp boyz and gurlz and whatever’s in the middleeeeeeeeee!! I promise, from next friday EverybodyNeedsaBitOfScienza will be back to its normality….. BUT, while you wait, you can have a laugh listening to this dubbed version on Scienza’s seminar during w2w. Margherita is playing Stevie Kim, Joy is playing Alessio and Rebecca is playing the one and only Mr Science himself! Gotta say, I don’t see the resemblance, also can someone tell these guys to put more effort in it?????? Whoevers paying them shuld also have them study some dubbing lessons because im cringing all my way to the next bottle of wine. I might or might not be one of the dubbers but you’ll never know. I might aswell be Attilio. Or your mom, GOTCHAAAAAA! xoxo gossip girl aka the lonely podcaster gurl


Professor Attilio Scienza, Alessio Planeta & Stevie Kim

Professor Attilio Scienza will unpack the topic of international grape varieties through various case studies including Trentino-Alto Adige (i.e. San Michele and Foianeghe), Tuscany (with the experiences of Antinori and Sassicaia), Lombardy, Veneto, and Friuli. Some producers of the Conegliano school, lower Lazio and Campania, Irpinia, and Frusinate will round out the discussion. Of course, Scienza will delve into the cultural underpinnings (such as French influence) of vine diffusion as well as ties to the so-called “modern” viticulture that was born through post-phylloxera reconstruction.


January 29, 2021
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