Ep. 508 #everybodyneedsabitofscienza | Soil Introduction


Guuuuuuuuuuuuurl! I’m about to get y @$$ on a journey through Italian wine soils! This is the first station: Intro. Attilio will talk to you about Italian soils, their differences, their secrets, their all! Extra tip! If you’re writing your bachelor thesis and it’s about soils… I would *whispers* write down each and every single word that Prof. Attilio Scienza says! You have not read it here tho! This is just a poor gurl tryna help you out. Also c’mon how many yongsters will be listening to this! No Stevie I am not advising people to copy their thesis, I’m just saying they should freaking take notes! I dunt care what you’ve heard, it is not what I said! Hey, look, there is a Wine Influencer room on Clubhouse, you should join!

Sorry about that, I always get in trouble but a gurl gotta do what she gotta do. Passo e chiudo

xoxo Gossip Girl

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Ep. 338 #everybodyneedsabitofscienza | Giuseppe Rosati Question

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