Ep. 521 Voices (by Rebecca Lawrence) | Caterina Dei

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Ep. 521 Voices (by Rebecca Lawrence) | Caterina Dei

Italian Wine Podcast Episode 521: Voices Series with Rebecca Lawrence – Caterina Dei

Rebecca Lawrence sits down with Caterina Dei of Cantine Dei for this weekly instalment of the show entitled “Voices” – a series that focuses on diversity and inclusion in the wine industry.

In 1964, Alibrando Dei purchased the land at Bossona and planted his first vineyard. It turned out to be an extraordinary place for producing great red wines. In the 1970s, he went on to purchase the villa at Martiena and surrounding farmland. The rest is history: the Dei family produced its first bottle of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano in 1985, thus starting a tradition as independent winemakers.

Over the past twenty years, Caterina Dei has led the winery using the knowledge and tradition she inherited to cultivate the best of Montepulciano.

Cantine Dei is a company founded on deep roots of tradition with a vision for innovation, find out more here https://www.cantinedei.it/en/