Ep. 531 Voices (by Rebecca Lawrence) | Stefania Pepe

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March 23, 2021
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Ep. 531 Voices (by Rebecca Lawrence) | Stefania Pepe

Italian Wine Podcast episode 531

Rebecca Lawrence sits down with Stefania Pepe in this new Episode of “Voices”, the segment where we bring light on some of the less discussed issues in the wine world.

Stefania Pepe the woman in love with wine, daughter of art, since her university days has chosen to produce her wine in an organic way, first she did it at her father’s, now she has her 1st biodynamic winery finally, where she transforms only her grapes produced according to organic and biodynamic methods, listening to the traditions of the past and the trends of the future…all organic! Find out more here http://www.montepulcianodabruzzo.it/

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