Ep. 537 Heini Zachariassen | Wine Business Talk with Colangelo & Partners


Italian Wine Podcast Episode 537

Welcome to this brand new limited series “Wine Business Talk with Colangelo & Partners” hosted by Juliana Colangelo. This series deals with the wine business and the evolution of technologies in the wine industry; how it’s helping consumers and how wineries can effectively use these technologies. Each guest gives listeners valuable guidance on how consumers choose wine, purchase and drink wine.

This first episode features Heini Zachariassen. Heini is Vivino’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, credited with bringing a technology revolution to the wine industry. Heini founded Vivino because he was frustrated by not knowing which wine to buy. It’s been his passion project ever since. During his tenure, Vivino has grown into a community of 46 million users, raised $72 million in funding, and rolled out a worldwide wine marketplace. Before starting Vivino, Heini co-founded several startups, including global internet and mobile security company BullGuard. Heini leads the team from Vivino’s European headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. Heini and Vivino’s story is featured in an independent documentary, “Disrupting Wine, The Life of an Entrepreneur.”

Heini also hosts the YouTube series Raw Startup, which offers candid advice for entrepreneurs and startups.

Also available here: https://www.vivino.com/press
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Thank you Juliana for hosting this series!
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