Ep. 538 #everybodyneedsabitofscienza | Lan Liu once again!


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Ciao wine geeks ciao!
How was this past week for ya? Over here it was amazing, the sun was shining everyday, evenings are now blessed with more and more daylight – I really do love it whenever it happens. You know, Italy has decided to go on with the daylight saving time and I am really happy about it because it makes me more aware of life in general, other than surprising me every time when at 8 pm the sun is still kinda out glazing the city with the golden light and I’m like ???.

But veniamo a noi. Today Mr. Flysch will go back to his favorite subject: soil! And he talks ?VoLcAnOs?. This episode will make your knowledge erupt, your soil-talking skills will be hot like lava, you’ll be spitting out soil facts as if they were lapilli.

This time 백두산, 白頭山 aka Paektu Mountain aka Korean Volcano aka Stevie Kim is not really in the mood at all so she (finally) just listens to the burning words of Scienza. Wel I think il professore is able to make her laugh at the end of the podcast saying something about – you guessed it – Monty and having to say ciao to him.

Riassumendo… It’s another good one.

Muzaakal Guest directly from Sri Lanka, let me hear some love… for…. mister H.R. Jothipala!!!!!!! *croud going crazy* go listen https://open.spotify.com/artist/3gCSGLqfqjml86elSSFJOM?autoplay=true

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Until next time, Cin Cin!


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