Ep. 545 Pierre Jean Monnoyer | Monty Waldin

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Ep. 545 Pierre Jean Monnoyer | Monty Waldin

Italian Wine Podcast Episode 545

Monty Waldin chats with Pierre Jean Monnoyer of Casa Raia Winery in Montalcino, Italy

Casa Raia sits on a promontory beneath the famed medieval town of Montalcino in Tuscany. This estate saw the first roots of the Sangiovese vine labouring through inhospitable rock centuries ago. Destiny seemed to play a role in Ludmilla Temertey’s adventures while searching for a home in Tuscany. She enlisted the help of a Hermit who had walked every path that ever was created in the region to find her haven and destiny brought her back to Montalcino where she had first come in 1978. In 1997 the abandoned farm house was lovingly restored and named Casa Raia after the matriarch of the family, Raissa Temertey.

In 2006, Ludmilla’s daughter Kalyna Temertey Canta and her husband Pierre Jean Monnoyer took over the care of the vineyards and created the winery that is now Azienda Agricola Casa Raia. They restored the old vineyards with unyielding respect for the land that so generously nurtures us all. Espousing a philosophy that is best described as “the vine determines the wine”, Pierre Jean is producing natural wines that are an expression of a deep commitment to the production of authentic, quality wines.

Website: www.casaraia.com
Instagram: @casa_raia
Facebook: @Casa Raia
Twitter: @CasaRaia

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