Episode 576 Tahiirah Habibi | Voices

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May 25, 2021
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May 27, 2021

Episode 576 Tahiirah Habibi | Voices

Episode 576 Rebecca Lawrence interviews Tahiirah Habibi founder of the Hue Society

“I’m one wine sipping, fashion slinging, business running mama!”

Tune in and find out more about this fascinating and fierce role-model, founder of the Hue Society; a curated community that serves as a lifestyle hub for access to all things related to Black wine culture. They take pride in creating CONNECTIONS AND EXPERIENCES through the lense of their UNIQUELY POSITIONED community. Wine is Power. They are committed to directing our social and economic influence to building wealth with love and intention towards what the future should look like: assimilation not required.

Find out more about Tahiirah visit:
Website: www.thehuesociety.com
Facebook: @thehuesociety
Instagram: @thehuesociety
Linkedin: tahiirahhabibi

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