Ep. 585 Denise Marrone| Monty Waldin


Episode 585 Monty Waldin interviews Denise Marrone, of Agricola Marrone. In season four of the Italian Wine Podcast Monty focuses on Biodynamic and Organic wines.

More about Denise:
“I’m Denise Marrone, one of the three Marrone sisters and we have been taking care of the Agricola Marrone since…ever. My two sisters and I make it a lifestyle. We are now the 4th generation of winemaking, focused on quality rather than quantity. Of course we also involve our parents in our activities – their lives have been here among the cellar walls and our beautiful hills for so many years. Valentina, the oenologist, is the mother of the wines, and she carefully follows production and vineyard activities – fundamental for the quality of our wines; Serena is in charge of administration and finance, and she follows the larger, fairer markets; I’m the multitasker, working on social media, dealing with the customer care aspect as well as the “Direct to Customer” sales, the German-speaking markets, winery tours (I’m the guide!), weddings (I’m also a wedding planner). In normal years we would usually have 15.000 visitors per year, something that gives us an immense about of satisfaction and pleasure. ”

For more information on Monty, check out his website: https://chateaumonty.com/

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