Ep. 601 Whitney Pope | Voices

Ep. 600 Pierluigi Bolla | Biodynamic & Organic
June 29, 2021
Ep. 602 Robert Joseph (5StarWines 2021 Special)
July 1, 2021

Ep. 601 Whitney Pope | Voices

Ep. 601 Rebecca Lawrence interviews Whitney Pope in this episode of Voices

More on Whitney Pope:
“I am a forward-thinking event executive with 13+ years of experience shaping high-impact experiential events and brand strategies across luxury and lifestyle brands within the hospitality, CPG, and fashion industries. Equal parts creative and strategic, I bring bold concepts to life by curating meaningful experiences that connect consumers to brands in powerful, authentic ways. An inclusive and energizing leader, I am known for thriving under pressure and nurturing collaboration among teams, partners, and agencies to fuel best-in-class results.

In addition to leading events and branding, I am a certified Sommelier, and in 2020, launched a natural wine education website, WHIT & WINE. (whitandwine.com / IG: @_whitandwine). I was recently profiled on Glamour.com as a subject matter expert on natural wine.”

You can find Whitney on Instagram at @whitandwine

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