Ep. 675 Dietrich Ceolan | Wine, Food & Travel With Marc Millon


Episode 675 Marc Millon interviews Dietrich Ceolan of Ansitz-Tenuta CEO in this episode of Italian Food & Wine with Marc Millon on the Italian Wine Podcast.

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About today’s guest:

Dietrich Ceolan comes from a winemaking family and he set out working in his own winery in 2016. Ansitz Tenuta CEO, in Salurn, Alto Adige. He originally graduated in Agriculture in 2009, then he conquered a Bachelor in agriculture and oenology in 2011. During the following couple years he travelled the world learning about other wine making techniques, this included going as far as Australia! But home was calling and when he came home he put all his experience, education and family tradition to take over from his father. His father did not stray far however, he concentrated on his hobby, making speck! Now if you visit the winery and taste some wine, you will also be able to nibble on some homemade speck and cheese.

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More about the host Marc Millon:
Marc Millon, VIA Italian Wine Ambassador 2021, has been travelling, eating, drinking, learning and writing about wine, food and travel for nearly 40 years. Born in Mexico, with a mother from Hawaii via Korea and an anthropologist father from New York via Paris, he was weaned on exotic and delicious foods. Marc and his photographer wife Kim are the authors of 14 books including a pioneering series of illustrated wine-food-travel books: The Wine Roads of Europe, The Wine Roads of France, The Wine Roads of Italy (Premio Barbi Colombini), and The Wine Roads of Spain. Other titles include The Wine and Food of Europe, The Food Lovers’ Companion Italy, The Food Lovers’ Companion France, Wine, a global history. Marc regularly lectures and hosts gastronomic cultural tours to Italy and France with Martin Randall Travel, the UK’s leading cultural travel specialist. He is soon to begin a regular series on Italian Wine Podcast, ‘Wine, food and travel with Marc Millon’. When not on the road Marc lives on the River Exe in Devon, England
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Until next time, Cin Cin!


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