Two peas in a Pod: Mamma Jumbo Shrimp and the Italian Wine Podcast

Mamma Jumbo Shrimp and the Italian Wine Podcast combine forces to meet the demand for audio and video content. The Mamma Jumbo Shrimp channel and the Italian Wine Podcast are “sister channels”; complementing each other and filling the need for more wine related content. In the spirit of spreading Italian wine love, the Mamma Jumbo Shrimp YouTube channel is running a March Marathon, giving wine lovers and professionals the content they crave in an effort to document and share wine travel and interviews with a broader audience.

Mamma Jumbo Shrimp and the Italian Wine Podcast are working together, producing high quality content to meet the insatiable demand for audio and video content. Mamma Jumbo Shrimp provides the global wine community with videos documenting wine travel and experiences for its popular YouTube channel. The Italian Wine Podcast produces a daily series of award-winning podcasts where the storytelling continues through lively and informative discussions on everything from communications, food and wine, business, diversity, science, more travel and personal insights from wine producers themselves. This month, for the first time, Mamma Jumbo Shrimp channel will air daily videos until the 1st of April.

Stevie Kim, founder of Italian Wine Podcast and the Mamma Jumbo Shrimp brand runs a tight ship but she makes time to drop everything and escape whenever she can, visiting wineries all over the country to film video content for her show “On The Road Edition,” which can be found both on the Mamma Jumbo Shrimp YouTube channel and the Italian Wine Podcast. The show documents Stevie’s tours and chats with winery owners and oenologists, and sometimes she adds to the wine genre by exploring the local food. She recently spent some time in Naples, eating her way through the top pizza places in the city. While she could easily send someone else to make these trips to create video and audio content, Stevie admitted the trips are “a small sliver of selfishness” on her behalf, she truly loves to go and talk with winery owners, often they are friends she loves to spend time with but, sometimes, the trips give her the chance to forge new friendships too.

There are so many episodes to choose from on the YouTube channel, especially now that it is running a video marathon until April 1st. Sometimes the spoken content is in Italian (with subtitles), but most content is in English, paired with amazing footage of breathtaking vineyards as well as the wineries, towns and wines. Only last month Stevie headed to Castello di Volpaia in the Chianti Classico region of Tuscany to interview Giovanna Stianti Mascheroni and her daughter Federica Mascheroni Stianti. The castle and surrounding village and vineyards (around 45 hectares, over 400 m. above sea level) are owned by the family and the scope of the property invokes a sense of nostalgia, harking back to moats, knights and chivalry. These Castello di Volpaia episodes will be airing on the 29th, 30th and 31st of March. For those who prefer listening to interviews, the audio interviews will be aired on the Italian Wine Podcast in the coming weeks.

To check out the Italian Wine Podcast, listeners can visit, likewise it can be found on Spotify, SoundCloud or wherever they get their pods. People who want video content can head over to Mamma Jumbo Shrimp on YouTube.

March 25, 2022
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