Ep. 844 Fanny Breuil Interviews Federico Giuntini | Clubhouse Ambassador’s Corner


Episode 844 Stevie Kim moderates Clubhouse’s Ambassadors Corner – In this episode Fanny Breuil interviews Federico Giuntini. These sessions are recorded from Clubhouse and replayed here on the Italian Wine Podcast!

Listen in on this series as Italian Wine Ambassadors all over the world chat with Stevie and their chosen wine producer. Which producer would you interview if you had your pick?

About about today’s guest host:
Fanny Breuil is from Angers in the Loire and have always been into wine. She studied agronomy engineering and oenology. First, she worked as a winemaker (France, Italy, Chile) and then as a salesperson for a wine importer in the USA. In 2008, She founded her company Genuine Wines with a deep willingness to help winegrowers located in lesser-known or underappreciated wine regions (but that had great potential). She started with Jura and Emilia Romagna. Since then she has been helping them with their export markets as part of each team. These are French and Italian domaines. Aside from her main activities within export, she also has a small Italian wine importing venture in France; she also works on Labadens, a wine project, she makes wines along with Thomas Oui, a fellow wine lover.”

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More about today’s guest producer:
Federico Giuntini has grown up at Selvapiana, his father was the estate manager of the domaine from 1950 till 1990. He has always wanted to work at the estate.
Francesco Giuntini, owner of Selvapiana, never got married and always considered him and his sister his family.
In 1994 Francesco Giuntini decided to legally adopt them.
Since 1987 after high school, he started working at Selvapiana mostly to learn from the old estate team. He has studied at University of Florence for Agriculture for 2 years.
In 1992 he started to try organic farming mostly because he had a background of being active with the “Green Movement” to organics.
He is very linked to this place Rufina, he loves it and is a great ambassador for making people discover it.

If you want to learn more about today’s guest producer, you can by visiting:
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Website https://www.selvapiana.it/

More about the moderator Stevie Kim:
Stevie hosts Clubhouse sessions each week (visit Italian Wine Club & Wine Business on Clubhouse), these recorded sessions are then released on the podcast to immortalize them! She often also joins Professor Scienza in his shows to lend a hand keeping our Professor in check! You can also find her taking a hit for the team when she goes “On the Road”, all over the Italian countryside, visiting wineries and interviewing producers, enjoying their best food and wine – all in the name of bringing us great Pods!

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