Ep. 848 John Irwin Interviews Andrea Pieropan | Maze Row Wine Merchant Series


Welcome to episode 848, the third in our new 7-part series with our fantastic partners, LUX Wines and Maze Row Wine Merchant. We are proud to present this series of interviews, diving deep into the heritage and legacy of their excellent Italian producers, celebrating the launch of the new brand identity for their importer, Maze Row Wine Merchant. Tune in every Saturday through to April 16th as we take an intimate look at these esteemed historic producers and their role as part of Maze Row.

This episode has John Irwin interviewing Andrea Pieropan of the Pieropan Winery.
Since 2003, Andrea has overseen viticulture at Pieropan. He lives in Soave with his wife and two sons.

More about Andrea Pieropan
Born in 1978, Dario Pieropan is the second son of Leonildo Pieropan and Teresita Molinarolo. At the age of 19, he earned his diploma from the Istituto Tecnico Agrario Statale (ITAS), an agricultural high school in Lonigo. In 2004, he earned his degree in viticulture and enology from the University of Udine. While there, he gained further winemaking experience as assistant enologist for a pair of Tuscan wineries, Poliziano in Montalcino and Isole e Olena in Barberino Val d’Elsa. Following graduation, Dario moved to London, England to work with Liberty Wines, a highly respected importer. He later rejoined the family winery full time as winemaker, working alongside his father.

To learn more about Pieropan Winery visit: https://pieropan.it/en/family
To learn more about Maze Row Wine Merchant, visit: https://www.mazerow.com https://www.instagram.com/mazerowwines/ https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=maze%20row%20wines%20merchant

More about the host:
John Irwin has been working in wine for fifteen years, starting as a grocery store merchandiser in Chicago in 2007, and then working his way through several different roles within the wholesaler side of the business, including sales team management and regional chain sales. In 2013, he joined the E&J Gallo Winery, working first in Central Illinois and then moving to Minnesota in 2015 to oversee the winery’s bar and restaurant business across the state.
In 2017, John moved to New York City – where he currently resides – to work in Gallo’s Luxury Imports Division (a precursor to Maze Row Wine Merchants) where he oversaw the business in 12 states, called on national clients, and managed winemaker visits & events.
For Maze Row, John is responsible for all trade-and-consumer-facing assets and oversees internal and wholesaler education.

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April 2, 2022

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