Ep. 864 What Do Wine Journalists Want From Producers | Wine2Wine 2021 Recorded Sessions.


Welcome to Episode 864, What do wine journalists want from producers? with Michela Morris IWE and Corrine Keddie IWE

Welcome to Wine2Wine Business Forum 2021 Series. The sessions are recorded and uploaded on Italian Wine Podcast. wine2wine is an international wine business forum, held annually in Verona Italy since 2014. The event is a key reference point for wine producers and a diverse variety of wine professionals eager to develop and grow their wine business worldwide.

About today’s session:
The role of a wine writer is to communicate and comment on current and trending topics within the industry. Engaging with producers is fundamental to that task. Michaela Morris has been writing about wine for fifteen years. She will examine the various ways in which journalists and producers interact – from group media trips, solo visits and quick tasting room encounters to zoom, website and email correspondence. Her discussion will focus on how to maximize the time you have when journalists are in front of you as well as how best to communicate with them from afar. She will also share tips for keeping media happy during wine tours. While this session is geared to producers, consortiums and wine trip organizers, it is equally suitable for aspiring wine writers as it will give some insight into what the profession entails.

About the Speaker
Michela Morris IWE
Michaela Morris is an international wine writer, educator and speaker based in Vancouver, Canada. She contributes regularly to Decanter Magazine and Meininger’s Wine Business International as well as Canadian publications Quench and Taste. Michaela holds the Wine & Spirit Education Trust Diploma and was one of the first Certified Italian Wine Experts through Vinitaly International Academy (VIA). She educates about Italian wine across Canada and judges wine competitions around the globe.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michellejane.13
Instagram: @vino_with_me
Twitter: @Vino_with_me
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michelle-erland-mba-952bb444/

About the Moderator
Corrine Kaddie IWE
Corinne Keddie is a VIA Italian Wine Expert and educator, WSET Diploma holder, and Stage 2 Masters of Wine candidate. She has her own wine consulting company 365 days of wine, and regularly hosts wine tastings, seminars and educational sessions, leads wine tours, writes about food, travel, wine and design, and is just about to launch her own wine club.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/corinnekeddie
Instagram: @corinnekeddie
Twitter: @corinnekeddie
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/corinnekeddie/

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