Ep. 882 Emilia Marinig Interviews Ivan Giuliani | Clubhouse Ambassador’s Corner


Welcome to Episode 882 Stevie Kim moderates Clubhouse’s Ambassadors Corner – In this episode Marina Marinig interviews Ivan Giuliani. These sessions are recorded from Clubhouse and replayed here on the Italian Wine Podcast!

Listen in on this series as Italian Wine Ambassadors all over the world chat with Stevie and their chosen wine producer. Which producer would you interview if you had your pick?

About about today’s guest host:
Co-Moderator – Emilia Marinig IWA: With 20 years of international experience, I help wineries grow globally. Currently, I’m the Head of Marketing and Business Development at Querciabella.

Genuinely passionate about the unique viticultural heritage of Italy, I’m a certified Wine Ambassador and Educator at Vinitaly International Academy, with a particular flair for exciting wines with a strong sense of place and the lesser-known grape varieties and regions.

I firmly believe that sustainable farming, in tune with the land and natural environment, is the foundation of great wines, that the lack of faults alone does not make a wine interesting, but that faults are in no way substitutes for lack of personality

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Guest Moderator: Emilia Marinig
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More about today’s guest producer:
“My involvement begins in 1993 when I decide to move from Lake Maggiore where I was born, to Fosdinovo, my summer vacation destination. Initially I undertake the new activity of winemaker as a parallel job to university studies, promising to decide on my future only after graduation and I take care of the first harvest destined for bottling for local catering.
In 1995 I find myself in the military service between Friuli and Slovenia and having lived the attachment to the land of these border producers like me, pushed me, back home, to definitively choose to be a winemaker for life.
So I start working with soul and body on my idea of a farm, defining my personal style from the beginning. I create new vineyards on my farm but I go even further, in search of old vineyards in the surrounding areas, going down to the foothills of the municipalities of Fosdinovo, Castelnuovo and Sarzana.”

If you want to learn more about today’s guest producer, you can by visiting:
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Terenzuola/
Instagram – terenzuola
Website – https://www.terenzuola.it/ivan-giuliani-si-racconta/

More about the moderator Stevie Kim:
Stevie hosts Clubhouse sessions each week (visit Italian Wine Club & Wine Business on Clubhouse), these recorded sessions are then released on the podcast to immortalize them! She often also joins Professor Scienza in his shows to lend a hand keeping our Professor in check! You can also find her taking a hit for the team when she goes “On the Road”, all over the Italian countryside, visiting wineries and interviewing producers, enjoying their best food and wine – all in the name of bringing us great Pods!

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