Ep. 883 Eight Practical Ways To Improve Your Winery Website | Wine2Wine 2022 Recorded Sessions


Welcome to Episode 883; 8 Practical Ways to Improve Your Winery Website for Consumers, with Mike Madaio IWA, Yannick Benjamin

Welcome to Wine2Wine Business Forum 2021 Series. The sessions are recorded and uploaded on Italian Wine Podcast. wine2wine is an international wine business forum, held annually in Verona Italy since 2014. The event is a key reference point for wine producers and a diverse variety of wine professionals eager to develop and grow their wine business worldwide.

About today’s session:
Join Mike as he reviews best practices for digital customer experience (site design, navigation and more) as they relate to winery websites. During the session, he’ll present 8 concrete suggestions for improving your informational website for consumers, with plenty of real-life examples.

About the Speaker
Mike Madaio, is a wine journalist and Vinitaly International Academy Italian Wine Ambassador. He currently serves as editor for the Italian Wine Unplugged vlog series, “Mamma Mia… che Buono!”, and his writing has appeared in publications such as Wine Enthusiast, VinePair and Palate Press. In addition, Mike has spent nearly 20 years working with one of the world’s leading interactive omnichannel retailers, developing industry-recognized expertise in digital commerce and online customer experience.

Find out more about today’s speaker:
Instagram: @lifeattable
Twitter: @lifeattable
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/madaio/

About the Moderator:
Yannick Benjamin is a restaurateur and veteran in the wine and hospitality Industry with over twenty-five years experience. He is a proud New Yorker born into a family of French restaurateurs. He knew that hospitality was his calling from a young age. Yannick worked at The University Club, Le Cirque, Oceana, Jean-Georges, Atlas, Felidia, and Atelier at the Ritz-Carlton.

To find out more:
Website: wineonwheels.org; contentonyc.com
Instagram: @YannickBenjamin
Facebook: @YannickBenjamin
Twitter: @YannickBenjamin
Linkedin: @YannickBenjamin

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