Ep. 625 Andrea Di Fabio | Biodynamic & Organic


Ep. 625 Monty Waldin interviews Andrea Di Fabio of Cantina Tollo on this episode of Biodynamic & Organic.


From CFO to Export Sales Manager to Commercial and Marketing Director and now General Manager of Cantina Tollo Andrea Di Fabio, in the company since 2004, where he currently plays the role of managing commercial policies and coordinating the sales force and customer office as well as being part of the management committee.
47 years old, from Abruzzo, graduated in Business Administration at Bocconi University of Milan, Andrea Di Fabio has always been involved in business development and management in his career.
He began his work experience in Milan as a subsidized credit consultant. Subsequently involved in administration auditing at Ernst & Young where he acquires knowledge of various sectors dealing with engineering, fashion, pharmaceutical, industrial production, air transportation, services companies also collecting experiences in M&A and quotations on the stock exchange also abroad. He is also responsible for the certification of Cantina Tollo financial statements where, at the end of Ernst&Young experience, he becomes CFO. Linked to Cantina Tollo and to the town of Tollo for family reasons (his grandfather originally from Tollo was a teacher in the village and taught to many who later became farmers of the winery) for 5 years he deals with administration and management control. Then he is progressively involved in the management of commercial and marketing policies and coordination of the sales force. First he was entrusted with the start-up of Feudo Antico in 2009 which he continues to manage with functions of general manager. Then export Director of Cantina Tollo in 2012 and mid of 2014 Sales&Marketing Manager of the whole group. At the end of 2020, he became General Manager also maintaining the position of sales and marketing director.
He is committed to develop strategies aimed to strengthen the presence of Cantina Tollo – a wine company that is the ambassador of Abruzzo wines in the world – both on the Italian market and abroad.

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June 20, 2022
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