Ep. 626 John Camacho Vidal | Voices


Ep. 626 Rebecca Lawrence interviews John Camacho Vidal in this episode of Voices

More about John
“I worked at Italian Wine Merchants in NYC for over 10 years as a portfolio manager and showroom manager and eventually running events and educational tastings.

Currently, I am working with DP – selezioni. As manager of sales and business development, I am an ambassador for a group of Italian producers providing educational training and additional sales & marketing support in the US to Some well-known brands along with many very small and first-generation rising stars.”

To find out more visit:
Website: – www.dp-selezioni.com / www.winestoriesny.com
Instagram: winestoriesny / johncamachovidal
Facebook: john camacho vidal
Linkedin: John Camacho Vidal / Wine Stories NY

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June 20, 2022
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